Now Is the Time: 3 Easy Steps to Writing Your Book
Now Is the Time: 3 Easy Steps to Writing Your Book

Now Is the Time: 3 Easy Steps to Writing Your Book

You’ve always wanted to write that book, right? I mean, who doesn’t want to write a book? But you actually have a good idea, an interest in writing and at least an idea about the amount of work writing a book takes. 

But you haven’t been able to find the time … what with work, family obligations, school, and the latest Netflix series. 

But now that we find ourselves in unique times, what better time than the present to get started on your book?! 

If you’re serious about actually writing and finishing your book, here are three things you can do right now to get started!

1. If you haven’t already, write down your idea and put a few paragraphs to it—or even an outline. This doesn’t necessarily have to be 3,000 words or 10,000. Just get the basic idea down in a place where you can reference. 

There’s something about putting ideas to paper—or computer—that make them real and give them a sense of substance.  

And, once you have it written down, put it someplace where you see it regularly: your desk, on a wall, next to the refrigerator, etc. This reminder will not only keep it at the front of your mind, but it will also cause you to want to add to it, edit it and put time into developing it into a full-fledged book! 

2. Develop a deadline by which you’d like to finish the project: six months, one year, five years. There’s nothing like a deadline to encourage you to put time and effort into a project. 

And this should be a fun deadline. Not like the deadline to paint the garage or clean out the gutters or fix that drip in the kitchen. No, this deadline should be one you look forward to diving into because you want to write that book!

3. Create three practical steps you can take to meet that deadline. This might include how much time you need to devote to writing and how you want to equate that time. For example: write one hour a day; write two hours every week; write 500 words each Monday, etc. 

Another example might be to finish the office space where you want to write. This will give you that special room or quiet place where you can concentrate on your writing. 

Or maybe tell your family/friends about your goal so they can be your cheerleaders and/or the ones who keep you on track. It’s always good to have people join you on your writing journey.

These practical steps can help you move from having that book idea floating around in your head to having it actually start to take shape. Then someday you can hold all that hard work in your hands as you sign it for a reader at your local bookseller!

And if you have questions or want more help developing a writing routine, assistance with editing or creating that ever-elusive book proposal, Noble Creative can help!